Kurokawa Onsen and Aso Sights

Why take a tour? 

Both Kurokawa and Aso are on many people’s list of places to visit in Kyushu, but fitting them both into an already packed itinerary can be a problem. The solution is to do both in one day, yes, it can be done!  With a personalised Kurokawa Onsen and Aso Day Trip you can visit Kurokawa where you can enjoy a wonderful outdoor hot spring bath, and take a look around the charming onsen village before heading to Aso to view its main sights.

Pick Up and Drop Off Point: The tour begins and ends from Higo Ozu Station. Or your requested pick up / drop off spot in Aso.

Tour Duration: 1 Day 08:51- 17:30 ( 8.5 hours)

Maximum Number of People: 9

Price: From 6000 Yen per person plus transport fee* (this is for a Higo Ozu pick up, entrance to one hotspring and Nabegataki Falls is included).

*Transport costs are shared between the no. of people on the tour, this allows us to run tours even for small numbers of people like single travellers, please contact us for details.

Family discounts available. (Please contact us with your childrens ages to find out more)

Tour Special Feature:

Kurokawa has a wonderful but bewildering variety of outdoor hotsprings to choose from with different settings, features, views, sizes, water quality, mixed, single sex or private ….you get the picture –  so choosing which onsen to visit can be difficult. If you can’t decide we are happy to recommend the best onsen to suit you.

Though we can’t see all of Aso in an afternoon you can get a good taster of the place, before the tour we will discuss which places you really want to see and plan our Aso section of the tour around your requests.

See the links below to start choosing where you’d like to go:

Kurokawa Onsen and Aso Sights Model Itinerary:

(Click on the titles in red to find more information about each location.)

We head to Kurokawa Onsen – if the weather is good we can make a brief stop at the Laputa Road view point on the way.

We will arrive at Kurokawa before 10:30 – tour the village and take an onsen of your choice, we can then either have lunch in Kurokawa or leave Kurokawa and head back to the Aso area.

Depending on your interests and the time remaining we will visit the following places we will arrive back at Higo Ozu Station by 17:30

KEI_0719small[1]Daikanbo – wonderful views from the caldera edge of the central Aso peaks and panoramic views of the whole caldera.




Laputa RoadLaputa Road – Fans of Miyazaki Hayao’s animation will be aware of his film about a mystical island which floats in the sky. This beautiful winding road (impossible to reach by public transport) leads off the caldera edge, appearing to float above the caldera below.



Aso Shrine Romon GateAso Shrine and Town Walkabout – one of the oldest shrines in Japan and the focal point of many myths and festivals in the Aso region. Behind the shrine is a the lovely Mizuki street lined with gushing fresh water springs and quaint shops.




Komezuka – Only 2000 years old one of the youngest, prettiest and greenest volcanos you will ever see. We pass this volcano on the way up to the Central peaks and Kusasenri.




kusasenriKusasenri – a vast grassy plain on top of Mount Aso with stunning views of the active volcano. A perfect place for a hike, horseriding or a visit to the Volcano museum.




aso craterNakadake – the active volcanic peak, in good conditions we can drive up to the crater’s rim, look into the crater mouth and walk around the lunar landscape. Currently Nakadake can not be approached but it can be viewed from Kusasenri. See current status updates here.



If you would prefer a less intensive schedule then why not stay the night in either the Aso area or Kurokawa or take the tours as two separate tours. See the Kurokawa Onsen Day Trip and Around Aso Tour for details.

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