Takachiho and Mount Aso Tour

Takachiho and Mount Aso Tour
Why take a tour?

If you only have limited time in the Kumamoto area this is the tour for you. On the Takachiho and Mount Aso Tour you can visit two of Kyushu’s top spots in just one day. The unforgettable Takachiho Gorge and the breath taking Aso caldera.  This is a tour that really […]

Kurokawa and Aso Day Trip

Kurokawa Onsen and Aso Day Trip
Why take a tour? 
Both Kurokawa and Aso are on many peoples list of places to visit in Kyushu, but fitting them both into an already packed itinerary can be a problem. The solution is to do both in one day, yes, it can be done!  With a personalised Kurokawa Onsen and Aso […]

Kurokawa Onsen Day Trip

This is the tour for onsen lovers everywhere!
Why take a tour? 
Simply because now you don’t have to book an expensive ryokan to enjoy one or more of Kurokawa’s beautiful hot springs! A trip to the famously isolated village of Kurokawa Onsen, a uniquely charming traditional hot spring village hidden away in the valleys of Minami Oguni in north Kumamoto is […]

Takachiho Gorge Tour

Follow in the footsteps of the gods, take the Takachiho Gorge Tour

Just over the border into Miyazaki Prefecture, the romantic Takachiho Gorge winds its way through the sleepy town of Takachiho. The gorge was formed from the pyroclastic flow of the Aso volcanos, when sudden cooling led to dramatic columnar formations and sheer cliffs that rise […]

Laputa Road

Very sadly one of my favorite spots in Aso, the Laputa Road Viewpoint was badly damaged in the earthquakes of April 2016 and can no longer be visited.

One of the top spots to see in Aso, but a difficult one to find. This viewpoint from the caldera rim is a bit of a […]

Yachiyoza Theatre and Kikuchi Valley Tour

All the world’s a stage is the theme behind this wonderful tour taking in the top cultural and natural sights of the north Kumamoto region.
First we visit the town of Yamaga home to a wonderful Meiji era Kabuki theatre, your guide will translate as a specialist guide shows you around. Decribing the mysteries of the revolving stage […]

Samurai Swords Tour

Samurai Swords Tour – Wield a katana and watch a master swordsmith at work

This tour offers you experiences which you would find it very hard to arrange by yourself. There are very few master swordsmen left now in Japan so this is an excellent opportunity to see an amazingly skilled craftsman at work. A good blade […]

Kumamoto City Tours

Kumamoto City Tours with Explore Kumamoto
The Kumamoto City Tour allows you to see all the main sights of Kumamoto City in a day, including places difficult to reach by public transport and slightly outside the city. Your guide will be an experienced, fun and knowledgeable Registered Japanese Guide or a Native English Speaker Guide. […]

Yachiyoza Theatre

The town of Yamaga is situated an hour’s drive north of Kumamoto City. In its heyday, over a hundred years ago, Yamaga was a prosperous, bustling agricultural town and a very lively onsen retreat. In 1910 the local merchants funded the very first kabuki theatre in Kyushu and called it the Yachiyoza (the Eternal Place). This theatre […]

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto castle suffered severe damage in the earthquakes of April 14th and 16th, it is currently closed to visitors.
The mighty and impenetrable Kumamoto Castle has dominated and protected the city of Kumamoto for over 400 years. Recently ranked the top Japanese Castle to visit on Trip Advisor, Kumamoto Jo has long held the title of being […]