Indoor Activities

Lamune Onsen – the Soda Pop Spa

Lamune Onsen ラムネ温泉

Named after Japan’s traditional fizzy drink Lamune or Ramune, this quirky soda pop spa is a hot spring that attracts onsen officianados and admirers of architecture from all over Japan.



Why visit?

Firstly, the onsen water itself is naturally carbonated, tiny bubbles fizzing and collecting around you as you bathe, the carbonation is known to have […]

Decorated Tumulus Museum

Decorated Tumulus Museum
You may be wondering what exactly a decorated tumulus is! If so,  read on and find out why you should visit the Decorated Tumulus Museum in Yamaga.

A tumulus is an ancient burial mound, there are aproximately 200,000 of these burial mounds scattered  over Japan dating back from 400 to 700 AD. The era when […]

Cooking in Kumamoto

Japanese cuisine is famous worldwide, so why not try cooking in  Kumamoto; you can pick up some Japanese cooking techniques, meet the locals and experience making some traditional dishes: See below to see what is on offer. All the activities can be put into one of our Kumamoto City Tours.

Make Your Own Miso

Learn how to make […]

Yamanoyado Cave Bath

You may be an old hand at onsens but have you ever had a cave bath? The Ryokan Yamanoyado Shinmeikan in Kurokawa has carved its baths directly out of the cliffside, the result is a very steamy, dark and womblike experience. There are female, male and a large mixed bath available.

However you may get […]

Sakuranobaba Jousaien

Sakuranobaba Jousaien
This recently opened Edo style tourist spot close to the castle is based on a facsimile of a traditional castle town area. (Unfortunately Kumamoto lost most of its traditional buildings during the Seinan Civil War just after the Meiji Restoration.)  The area is very touristy but quite nicely done and worth popping in if you are hungry […]

Kurokawa Onsen Day Trip

Kurokawa Onsen Day Trip – for hot spring lovers everywhere!
A tour through the beautiful countryside and natural sights of northern Kumamoto to the famously secluded village of Kurokawa Onsen, a charmingly traditional hot spring retreat hidden away in the valleys of Oguni.
Why take a tour? 
Because you don’t have to book an expensive ryokan to enjoy one or more of Kurokawa’s beautiful hot springs and you […]

Kikuchi Valley and Kurokawa Onsen Tour

A tour through the beautiful countryside and natural sights of northern Kumamoto to the famously isolated village of Kurokawa Onsen, a charmingly traditional hot spring village hidden away in the valleys of Oguni.
Tour Duration: 1 Day

Maximum Number of People: 6

Price: From 9,500 Yen per person (includes one hot spring bath and entrance fee to Kikuchi Valley and Nabegataki falls)

Pick up: The […]

Kikuchi Valley and Yachiyoza Theatre

All the world’s a stage is the theme behind the wonderful tour which takes in the top cultural site of Yachiyoza Theatre and the natural beauty of Kikuchi Valley in the north of Kumamoto.
Tour Outline:
First we visit the town of Yamaga home to a wonderful Meiji era Kabuki theatre; the Yachiyoza, your guide will translate for you as […]

Samurai Swords Tour

The Samurai Swords Tour is a unique day out and is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to Japan. A must for anyone interested in the Samurai, Japanese Swords or Musashi Miyamoto, Japan’s greatest swordsman.


Japanese swords are famous worldwide for their unique properties of  strength, flexibility and the keenness of their blades.  The […]

Samurai Swords Tour

Samurai Swords Tour – Wield a katana and watch a master swordsmith at work

This tour offers you experiences which you would find it very hard to arrange by yourself. There are very few master swordsmen left now in Japan so this is an excellent opportunity to see an amazingly skilled craftsman at work. A good blade […]