Takachiho and Mount Aso Tour

Takachiho and Mount Aso Tour
Why take a tour?

If you only have limited time in the Kumamoto area this is the tour for you. On the Takachiho and Mount Aso Tour you can visit two of Kyushu’s top spots in just one day. The unforgettable Takachiho Gorge and the breath taking Aso caldera.  This is a tour that really […]

Meoto Falls – a splash of romance

Meototaki 夫婦滝 or Meoto Falls situated nearby the village of Kurokawa Onsen is not one waterfall but two. Meoto translates as ‘male female’ and the waterfall is unusual in that it comprises two adjacent waterfalls; a male and a female one that meet together and blend to form one river … therefore symbolising true love.


Aso sightseeing update post earthquakes

Aso sightseeing update – after the earthquakes

The first thing to know is that Aso is a huge area of which a small area has been affected, this means that though there are still a few road closures, there is still a lot to see and enjoy and the stunning natural beauty of the region has not been affected. The […]

Forest Adventure Misato

If you are travelling with kids, particularly older ones, sometimes you have to have a break from the shrines and temples and do something that will make their holiday special. Forest Adventure Misato definately does that, you not only get to experience the beauty of Japan’s forests and nature but you also get some […]

Ideventure – a thrilling water ride

Ideventure – take a thrilling and peaceful ride down the rice farming irrigation canals of Kikuchi.

What is it?

Ideventure is a great summer activity and it’s unique to Kikuchi Town, difficult to describe it is best to simply see it for yourself, take a look:

The crazy idea of taking an inflatable kayak down a narrow and fast flowing irrigation channel was thought […]

Yanagawa – Flower viewing

Yanagawa – Four seasons of flowers

In every season Yanagawa offers different flowers and foliage to view, in mid February the plum trees flower showing that spring is on its way and from late march to early April the sakura trees lining the canal banks burst into bloom combining with the willow trees delicate pale green foliage to make beautiful […]

Lamune Onsen – the Soda Pop Spa

Lamune Onsen ラムネ温泉

Named after Japan’s traditional fizzy drink Lamune or Ramune, this quirky soda pop spa is a hot spring that attracts onsen officianados and admirers of architecture from all over Japan.



Why visit?

Firstly, the onsen water itself is naturally carbonated, tiny bubbles fizzing and collecting around you as you bathe, the carbonation is known to have […]

Chojabaru Plateau

The Chojabaru plateau is a lovely stopping off point on the Yamanami Highway midway between Aso and Yufuin in the midst of the Kuju mountains. Famed for the Tadawara Marsh, a Ramsar designated wetland of international importance which is situated on the north west side of the Kuju mountain range.  The marshland offers views of Mt Io, […]

Tomioka Castle

The Tomioka Castle was built in 1602 on the Tomioka Peninsula on the western reaches of Amakusa Shimoshima. The castle nicknamed the ‘Lying Dragon Castle’ was considered a subsidiary castle to Karatsu castle nicknamed the ‘Flying Crane’. Tomioka Castle made excellent use of its natural defenses, being located on a hilly penisula surrounded by the sea […]

Mogushi Beach

With its extensive white sands and crystal-clear emerald-green sea, the completely unspoilt Mogushi Beach is a rarity in Japan. It is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Kyushu and has a deserved place in Japan’s top 100 beaches. The beach is in an out of the way location only accessible by car or bicycle or after […]