No one can control the weather, so if you want to escape the heat, the rain or the cold here are a selection of activities you can enjoy during your trip. If you’d like to put any of the activities into your own customised tour just let us know. Explore Kumamoto is also happy to help you book your activities for you.

Lamune Onsen – the Soda Pop Spa

Lamune Onsen ラムネ温泉 Named after Japan's traditional fizzy drink Lamune or Ramune, this quirky soda pop spa is a hot spring that attracts onsen officianados and read on

Decorated Tumulus Museum

Decorated Tumulus Museum You may be wondering what exactly a decorated tumulus is! If so,  read on and find out why you should visit the Decorated Tumulus read on

Cooking in Kumamoto

Japanese cuisine is famous worldwide, so why not try cooking in  Kumamoto; you can pick up some Japanese cooking techniques, meet the locals and experience making some read on

Yamanoyado Cave Bath

You may be an old hand at onsens but have you ever had a cave bath? The Ryokan Yamanoyado Shinmeikan in Kurokawa has carved its read on

Sakuranobaba Jousaien

Sakuranobaba Jousaien This recently opened Edo style tourist spot close to the castle is based on a facsimile of a traditional castle town area. (Unfortunately Kumamoto lost read on

Samurai Swords Tour

Samurai Swords Tour - Wield a katana and watch a master swordsmith at work This tour offers you experiences which you would find it very hard to read on

The Aso Volcano Museum

Due to the Kumamoto earthquakes the Aso Volcano Museum is currently closed until further notice. Located at Kusasenri, Mount Aso's vast green plateau. The Aso Volcano read on

Yamaga Lantern Museum

The Yamaga Lantern Craft Museum,  灯籠民芸館, introduces the history and culture of the traditional craft of paper lantern making. This rare and extraodinarily delicate paperwork read on

Yachiyoza Theatre

The town of Yamaga is situated an hour's drive north of Kumamoto City. In its heyday, over a hundred years ago, Yamaga was a prosperous, bustling agricultural town read on