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Explore Kumamoto aims to make your trip special; we are a small company offering personalised custom made tours to the region’s top sights and helping arrange unforgettable experiences for you. Just tell us where you’d like to go!

Post Earthquake Update

It’s now 4 months since the earthquake hit Kumamoto and slowly but surely life is retuning to normal and the rebuilding process is underway. Though some sights, such as Kumamoto Castle will take years to fully restore Kumamoto, Aso, Kurokawa, Kuju and Takachiho still have plenty of sights worth visiting. Not one of our guests who has visited since the quakes has regretted the experience and most of them have said their tour was a highlight of their trip to Japan. When planning your visit please do not worry that it will be a burden to the local people, it will in fact be a blessing as tourism is vital to Kumamoto’s economy. Also in terms of  safety, aftershocks are now very mild and infrequent and it has become clear through excavations of the fault line that major earthquakes only hit Kumamoto very, very rarely therefore I suspect Kumamoto is now one of the safest places in Japan to visit.

10% of all Explore Kumamoto tour proceeds will go towards helping the recovery of the Kumamoto and Aso region.

Helen @ Explore Kumamoto,  August 19th 2016

Kumamoto Sightseeing Update

Though Central Mount Aso can not currently be accessed the good news is that from mid September one road up to central Mount Aso and the live volcano is expected to reopen so from the end of September the Around Aso tour will be once again possible!

Kikuchi Gorge is still currently closed due to landslides, hopefully it will reopen by autumn.

Kumamoto Castle is closed indefinitely, however you can view the castle from a viewing platform in Kumamoto City Hall and walk around the edge of the grounds or visit Ninomaru Park.

Takachiho Gorge has one small section of the gorge path is closed and the rowing course is slightly shorter than usual but apart from that it is as normal … and not quite so crowded!

Here is a link from July 11th from the Kumanago Website with a status list of other sights around the region, since this was published the Minami Aso railroad has partially reopened. Also Reigando Cave is undamaged.

Currently rail travel through the Aso area between Higo Ozu Station and Aso Station is unavailable. If you need help finding alternative transportation through the Aso area please contact us.


Before you click on the icons above to start exploring…here’s a comment from one of our guests:

My husband and I joined Explore Kumamoto on a day trip to Takachiho Gorge. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for us. The autumn view of the gorge is marvellous. Most importantly, our guide did a great job of explaining the myths and culture behind the things we saw. She was also responsive to my emails and requests prior to the trip. The day trip really maximized our time spent there. It was a great experience!

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Happy exploring and hope to meet you soon!